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Portfolio of XR works, UX design, User research. Check my works!

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Experiment setup

Explore the role of multimodal collaborative interaction in virtual environment for medical training

The purpose of this work was to explore multimodal collaboration techniques to improve teaching technical medical skills. The research investigates modalities to communicate distance information to a partner in a shared virtual environment. To achieve that, a prototype in virtual reality was developed. The user interaction in the virtual environment was done by using haptic devices.

Lo-Fi smartwatch prototype of Foodies

Foodies: Find international food abroad

Exchanges experiences are always full of unforgettable memories, and the food has a significant role in that. Foodies aim to simplify the seeking, to revive your memories by eating. Watch our final smartwatch prototype!

Team environment dashboard

Team environment: Web application to help activists

Facing the environmental crisis, acting for the environment has become a must. Individual actions are of great importance but not enough to break the climate change. Therefore, a systemic change is needed to influence the governments to take appropriate measures. The project aimed to facilitate such actions by strengthening a community of activists and involving the public to become active for the environment.

Some others work

Virtual Reality exposure therapy: A new cure for anxiety disorders?

Virtual Reality  solution for acrophobia

Paper that investigates the current state of the art of VR therapy for anxiety disorders analyzing three different categories of disorders: Social anxiety, phobias with a focus on spider phobia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. Check my paper!

ARNav: Map prototype using an AR avatar for the navigation

ARnav prototype

ARNav aims to solve the difficulties to match the reality in navigation maps and update the trip based on real-time needs. The user will have the option to follow indications in three different ways, classical map (horizontal position of the phone) AR navigation (Vertical position of the phone) and public transport navigation (when the user is inside a train). In addition to this, they will have the option to change the route by adding stops or going back in their steps if they need. Watch the ARNav Lo-Fi prototype. Fun is guaranteed.

VRoom - Aframe project


VRoom is a virtual room designed for facilitating distance communication and collaboration. In this room, which can be accessed through the browser or through a VR headset, people can meet, talk and interact with objects present in the environment.  Check the presentation and the demo of the virtual room in your browser!


Microsoft HoloLens - Interaction report

Hololens report

Analysis of Microsoft HoloLens from the interaction point of view. Check my report!

Crowdless: Design thinking for cities

Design thinking for cities

Crowdless wants to create an infrastructure able to give real-time information about the crowd situation in all the public vehicles and therefore the possibility to the passengers to choose the uncrowded one. We also thought about a gamification system to get the engagement of the citizens.  This idea was developed during a two weeks challenge named "Design Thinking and Scaling Services for Cities". Check the idea presentation!!

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